Leading Process
System Manufacturer
Hall 12 C52
Benchtop Lab Glass Reactor Rotary Evaporators Standard Units • Glass Reactor with Metal jackets
• Simple Distillation Unit
• Reaction Unit
• Fractional Distillation Unit
• Reaction Distillation Unit
• Liquid-Liquid Extraction Unit
• Solid-Liquid Extraction Unit
• Assembly Over GLR
• Gas Scrubber
• Multi-Purpose Unit
• Mobile Mixing System
• Essential Oil Distillation Unit
• Agitated Glass Nutsche Filter,
Peptide Synthesizer
• HCL Adiabatic Absorption
• Lab Glass Reactor
Technical Packages • Absorption systems for gases such as HCl, Cl2, SO2, HBr. NH3, Br2, NOx etc
• Anhydrous HCl Gas Generation Unit by different routes viz. -
Sulphuric Acid Route - Boiling Route - Calcium Chloride Route
• HBr Gas Generator (By Boiling Route)
• Sulphuric Acid Dilution Units.
• Hypochlorite Manufacturing Units
• MCA Condensation Assembly
• Distillation - Conversion of Batch Process to Continuous Process.
• Solvent Recovery
• Iodine Recovery
• Raw DCB Plant.
• Bromine recovery from industrial waste / salt bittern.
• Nitric Acid Concentration
• Sodium Hypochlorite
• solvent Recovery
• Continuous Distillation System
• Rotating Disk Extraction Column
• Precious Metal Refining
• Nitric Acid Purification system
• HCL Purification System
• Rotary Film Evaporator 2 L to 100 Liters
• Rotary Film Evaporator Jumbo Range 200L to 800L
• De-Nitration Unit
• Wiping Film Evaporator
• Falling Film Absorber
• Sulphuric acid concentration system
• Anhydrous HCL Gas Generator
High Pressure
Glass Reactor
Jacketed Benchtop
Nutsche Filter
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Who We Are

Goel Scientific Glass Works Ltd. A Borosil Scientific Company is one of the leading Scientific glass fabricator in the world, who has provided the Glass Industry of India a big leap in the Global Market. We have made presence in all the populated continents and are representing & supplying our product & service worldwide. At present, we have over 2500+ satisfied customers across the globe.

Our Glassware Products


Laboratory glassware

custom glassware

new PROducts

Processes and Applications

Reaction units

Distillation units

Evaporation units​

Heat Transfer / Heat Exchangers

Reagent Bottles

Glass Pipe components and Valves

Mineral Acid Treatment

Halide Mineral(HCL, Bromine etc)
Process Plant​​

Industry We Serve

Chemical Industries

R&D Industries

Pharmaceutical Industries

Pigment and Dyes Industries

Perfumery Industries

Lighting Industries

Fertilizer Industries

Life Science Industries

Precious metal industries

Essential Oil industries











Years of Experience









Our Projects

Why Goel Scientific

Our Core Values
  • Dedicated team with Vast hand on experience.
  • Maintaining Quality standards in each product as per Globally Accepted Standards
  • One of the oldest Scientific Glassware Company with 43 years of experience.
  • Leading Glass Fabricator and largest exporter from india
  • innovation-driven company, achived 7 Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights and Quality Standards Certifications
  • Largest infrastructure in Hub for Scientific Glassware, Sardar Estate.

We are the expert specialist in design, engineering, fabrication, installation & commissioning of Pilot Plant/Mini-Plant & Standard Distillation Unit for Research & Development. 

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