The process to purify industrial/technical grade nitric acid involves a single stage distillation to leave non- volatile impurities in the still bottoms.

69% – 70% concentrated nitric fluid is delivered by means of a metering pump from a storage tank into the glass still which is equipped with Electrically heated Oil Bath.

The acid vapors flow through a mist removing packed section to the Glass condenser. Depending on the desired concentration high pure water can be added as a diluent to the condensed product before entering the bleach column.

Clean air is introduced at the base of the bleacher. Air and oxides of nitrogen are vented through a condenser to a scrubber.

Entrained nitric acid is not returned to the bleaching column but collected separately. Removing of all NOx out of electronic grade nitric acid.


Design Basis & Requirement of Utilities :

Commercial grade
Nitric Acid – 69-70%
Electric Heater48kw
Cooling Water @ 7 deg. C*4-5Cu.M/hr
Space Requirement3 x 3 x 8 m 

Size Available 5 kg/hr to 500 kg/hr

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