Goel Scientific has designed and manufactured graphite tube heat exchangers for over 2 years with many units in service in the most demanding processes, especially in the API, Bulk Drugs & Chemical Industries.

Graphite tubes heat exchanger that is based on the only ultra-fine graphite, combines optimum thermal efficiency, mechanical durability and chemical inertness.

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1. Heat exchange area up to 50 m´

2. Large choice of design, Metal & Glass Shell.

3. Shell Diameter:

4. Easy replacement of tubes for repair & cleaning.

5. 5-meter tubes without a join, to ensure a greater resistance to breakage

6. Headers in different materials through the use of graphite, FRP, metallic, glass°

7. Design temperature up to 200°C.


1. High corrosion resistance

2. 1st time introduce in Indian Market graphite shell & tube heat exchanger

3. Proven design in demanding processes such as P2O5

4. Available option for easy maintenance

5. Excellent After-Sales Service