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D’BORO is a new venture of Goel who has always laid emphasis on constant innovation and development. Having achieved number of significant milestones in industrial segment, GOEL has now diversified into ‘Home Decor’ by bringing Borosilicate glass to every home and hence came “D’BORO” into existence.

Borosilicate Glass is a Technical Glass having low thermal expansion, which help to convert it into any shape & size through fabrication process. Since 50 year we are using this for making laboratory glassware & industrial Glassware.

We are expert and leader in this segment fabrication of borosilicate glass is a core strength of our organization. About 4 year back we though to use our expertise & features of borosilicate glass to use for some unique purpose for creating a new beautiful world and thus formation of D’BORO.

The large focused team is devoted towards innovation and derive a process to combine Borosilicate with float glass in such a way that product beholds the beauty, durability and usability. Our Product segment and its designs are elegant, unique and have least technology with innovative concept.

Our Passion for innovation, compiled us to utilize the glass fabrication expertise and experience of almost five decades in the field of borosilicate glass to make the world more beautiful.

D’BORO introducing first time in the world a patented concept to offer products of decore in glass.

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Tapered glass joints are predominantly used in industrial glass equipments. This design has a high ratio of radial to axial force, which frequently leads to breakage while tightening the flange joints.

A cylinder can withstand a much higher axial force than radial force plus glass has a very high compressive strength. We at GOEL recognized these features and by our innovative design practices developed XTRONG joints. The XTRONG joints are so designed that the harmful radial stresses are dramatically reduced. For a given axial force the radial forces are 14 times lesser than that in tapered joints.


XTRONG joints are practically many times stronger than conventional tapered joints, As far as tightening of joints are concern, it is tested that a XTRONG joints does not break even at a torque of 20Nm, as against tapered joints, which starts breaking at 6-7 Nm torque. At times it may happen that because of over tightening, a metal backing flange breaks or the threads of nutbolts give way but XTRONG glass joint remains intact.

Most of the old glass installations in general contain equipments with tapered glass joints. XTRONG joints are fully compatible with these tapered joints. i.e. an XTRONG equipment can replace another tapered equipment and vice versa in any existing unit. This interchangeability makes XTRONG design more adaptable in general conditions and change over cost is negligible.

XTRONG joints have been developed, to arrest the frequent breakage and leakage problems. The XTRONG joints are so designed that the harmful radial stresses are dramatically reduced. For a given axial force the radial forces are 14 times lesser than that in tapered joints.

In addition to reducing the stresses, the XTRONG joint has the following advantages

• The ovality of the glass flange, present due to manufacturing process, has virtually no effect because the backing flange isn’t in direct contact with the periphery.

Continuous re-tightening of the backing flange or insert, due to bolting force & temperature effects, hence dismantling is easy. Also much smaller length threaded bolts are needed compared to the tapered joints.

The XTRONG joint is leak-tight at all design temperatures & pressure, even with temperature cycling and frequent plant start-up as it is possible to tighten the joints upto a tightening torque of 20 Nm as against 6-7 Nm tightening torque in tapered joints. In some cases the metal backing flange breaks but nothing happens to the glass components !

With so many benefits and particularly low breakage risk, we have adopted XTRONG design for all equipments manufactured by us. XTRONG is widely accepted and adopted by users as well as manufacturers of Glass Equipments in India.

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HanSter :The Handy Stirrer (Patented)


Goel Scientific Glass Works Ltd. is a leading Industrial and Laboratory Glassware Manufacturing Company in India, We are proud to introduce one more innovative product called HanSter”. Because of many advantages, HanSterTM is able to replace all design of old laboratory stirrers.


About HanSterTM


HanSter”, a laboratory stirrer, is perfect for continuous stirring of liquid to achieve a homogeneous mix. The high torque and compact size makes our stirrers perfect for application in R&D labs. These stirrers provide trouble free operation with advanced features like low power consumption, shock resistance and ability to withstand frequent voltage fluctuation.


Why HanSterTM


HanSter is developed to use in laboratories for stirring contents in a laboratory vessel, typically a glass flask, and to replace conventional electric stirrers that are heavy and cumbersome to operate. The Hanster rests freely on the mouth of a glass flask. Hanster comprises a stirring rod, housing and a supported motor. Users can set desired time duration and desired speed of rotation. The support covers the mouth of the flask to prevent hazardous chemical vapours/fumes that may be produced during the stirring of the contents from escaping out of the glass flask




In Laboratories, In Chemical, Pharma & Food Industry, In Schools, Colleges & Institutions, In Research Organisations and in Industries engaged in metal reactive chemicals


Salient features

  • Universal motor for powerful stirring

  • Easy interchangeable stirrer rod 

  • Fits in to the flask with B-34 Socket


Problems with existing stirrer

Tedious & clumsy assembly procedure 

Critical adjustment mandatory

 Heavy structural support 

High setup time

 Non portable and cumbersome


Advantages of HanSterTM

Ready to use 

Structural support eliminated

 Fully portable 

Power saving

 Easy to operate 

Very compact and light weight, hence easy to handle 

Designed specifically for glass assembly



Stirring capacity (HO)  : 1 to 5 litres 

Speed range : 150 to 500 rpm Max 

Weight (excl. stirrer and adaptor) : 640 grams Approx 

Dimensions (without stirrer rod) : 180 mm x 130 mm x 95 mm 

Timer function :5-995 minutes 

Power required: DC-12V, 2A 

Adaptor supplied : AC 100-240V 

Motor torque : 18 kgcm 

Viscosity: Light oil

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Swiffter the whisky glass is an innovative glass designed & developed scientifically in order to facilitate blending required for individuals with the passion for drinking with elegance. Why Swiffter This glass gives the freedom from stirrer-rods which is unhygienic. If the stirrer is placed on the table, it is prone to invisible bacterial contamination, otherwise too, if placed in plates, the wet stirrer makes the snacks soggy, spoiling the taste. Advantages of Swiffter The beauty of Swiffter is that, it does not require stirrer-rod. Just by mere swirling, the contents are mixed within seconds (as certified by the Government approved Laboratory). Also, Swiffter has in-built indicator of 30 & 60 ml measurement, which helps in maintaining the blend and intake. How it works? Notches made on the wall of Swiffter are BAFFLES, which help the contents inside the glass mix properly and also improve the grip from outside. The cone shaped peg-marker at the bottom provides vortex to the contents which is then broken by baffles attaining a best mixing.