HCl absorption columns

HCl absorption columns are used for absorption of Hydrochloric gas, which statutorily are not permitted to vent into the atmosphere, and to produce the HCl acid.

The column is constructed with a series of packed sections, a gas introduction point below that, a condenser on the top, and a cooler at the bottom.

Make water is sprayed from the top and acid is collected from the bottom.

HCl absorption columns are available in 80DN to 300DN diameter (for the gas rate 10Kgs/hr to 300Kg/hr approx..)

Unit Cat. Ref.Packed ColumnCondenser HTA M2HCl Gas Rate
HCL380mm x 3mtr.0.35 x 210 Kg / Hr.
HCL4100mm x 4mtr.0.5 x 220 Kg / Hr
HCL6150mm x 4mtr.1.5 x 260 Kg / Hr
HCL9225mm x 4.5mtr.2.5 x 2150 Kg / Hr
HCL12300mm x 4.5mtr.4.0 x 2300 Kg / Hr