Bellow flanges

Bellow flanges are used to fit a bellow to a glass component. Standard Bellow are made of Cast Iron.

bellow 1

Cast Iron with Epoxy Coated, Cast Iron with PTFE coated, Aluminum, Silumin, Stainless Steel 304 & 316 and are used in FBV, VB, FB type bellow.

These are provided with two holes at 180° for Distance — locking bolts and are supplied with a split ring.


Drilling details

 BF1703 x 9Ø2 x 9Ø
 BF1.5863 x 9Ø2 x 9Ø
 BF2983 x 9Ø2 x 9Ø
 BF31336 x 9Ø2 x 9Ø
 BF41786 x 9Ø2 x 9Ø
 BF62546 x 9Ø2 x 9Ø
 BF93108 x 11Ø2 x 9Ø
 BF1239510 x 11Ø2 x 11Ø

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