Dip Pipes

vessels accessories
Cat.Ref.For VesselDNDN1dL
 DP20/1*20 L252512300
 DP50/1.5*50 L402519400
 DP100/1.5*100 L402519500
 DP200/1.5*200 L402519600

Short Dip Pipes

Dip pipes are used as a liquid inlet for spherical vessels.

vessels accessories 1



Gas spargers are used for gas feed/sparging in the vessels.

gas spargers

Cat.Ref.For VesselDNDN1dLNo.of Holes
 SPG20/120 L2525123005x1mm
 SPG50/1.550 L4025194005x1mm
 SPG100/1.5100 L4025195005x1mm
 SPG200/1.5200 L4025196005x1mm


Thermomete Pocket
Cat.Ref.For VesselDNdL
 TP20/1*20 L2512300
 TP50/1.5*50 L4019400
 TP100/1.5*100 L4019500
 TP200/1.5200 L4019600


Heating Mantle is used for electrical heating of cylindrical as well as spherical vessels. Also available in flameproof & non-flame proof models. The flameproof heating mantle is similar to normal mantle but the main difference is in construction of heating elements. Heating elements is flameproof by covering it in magnesium oxide powder & SS metal tube. Heater terminal terminate in flameproof cold junction terminal enclosure. All electrical control like regulator, switch, indicating lamp, relay etc. fitted in flameproof switch encloser.

We can also provide flameproof digital temperature indicator cum controller with sensor.

Heating Mantles
Cat.Ref.Vessel SizeDLWattsCirc-uitsSupply Volts
 JMD55 L3201907501230
 JMD10*10 L38022012002230
 JMD2020 L48528520003230
 JMD5050 L60034537003415
 JMD100100 L79047060003415
 JMD200200 L92053075003415
Cat.Ref.Vessel SizeDLWattsCirc-uitsSupply Volts
 JMD5/F5 L3302006001230
 JMD10/F10 L44022010002230
 JMD20/F20 L51028520003230
 JMD50/F50 L61035036003415
 JMD100/F100 L79043052003415
 JMD 200/F200 L94051084003415


Heating baths are used for the electrical or steam heating of glass vessels.  Depending upon the temperature requirements, different types of thermic fluids or water can be used as heating media. Heating baths are provided with a pair of encased heaters with a controller box, a coil for passing the steam or cooling water, a cushioned vessel holding ring, a bottom outlet sealing arrangement, a lid and a threaded socket type inlets and outlets.

heating baths
Cat.Ref.Vessel SizedLWattsHTA VesselHTA Coils
 SBH2020 L4803402×20000.250.4
 SBH50*50 L6154152×30000.50.6
 SBH100100 L7205352×40000.71
 SBH200200 L9006202×500011.5
 SBH300300 L11507353×50001.852.5
 SBH500500 L13858804×50002.54.0

Cooling Bath

cooling baths

Cooling baths are used  for cooling  the glass vessel with ice crystals. Cooling  Baths are provided  with a vessel holding ring, bottom outlet sealing arrangement and a lid.

Cat.Ref.Vessel SizedL
 BHC2020 L480340
 BHC5050 L615415
 BHC100100 L720535
 BHC200200 L900620


vessel holders

Vessel holders are made  of  cast  aluminum with a plaster lining shaped to fit the vessel. These are to be supported on 3 jacking bolts.

Cat.Ref.Vessel SizeDdL
 VSS20*20 L325230100
 VSS50*50 L390230100
 VSS100100 L410250100
 VSS200200 L700400215


These metal rings are wrapped with asbestos rope and are to be supported on two jacking bolts.

vessel holding rings
Cat.Ref.Vessel SizedL
 VRS22 L10015
 VRS5*5 L15015
 VRS10*10 L21515