Lab Glass Reactor

Lab Glass Reactor

We have a variety of vessel option to choose from our standard range. Beside the manufacturing of our Standard Vessels / Rectors, we specialize in producing reactors as per customer's requirement. We can fabricate the reactor as per drawing or picture.


Our experiences team of Engineers can also assist in designing of glass reactor as per your requirement. Feel free to call or mail us at for support.

Reactor Options: Single Wall, Double wall or Triple Wall Glass Reactor


Operating Conditions

Temperature : – 50°C up to 180 °C
Pressure : Full vacuum up to 0.5 bar
Capacities : 100 ml L up to 10 L


Salient Features 

• Glass Reactors made from Germany Raw Material.
• Lab Reactor system suitable for most benchtop fume hoods.
• Stirrer with suitable mechanical seal/stuffing box/magnetic seal.
• Skid Mounted and quick release clamp for easy installation & removable of glassware.
• Suitable for vacuum condition
• Flush bottom with minimum dead volume.
• Overhead Stirrer geared motor with built-in speed controller & display.
• Measurement Marking on the vessel.
• Interchangeable Stirrer anchor, propeller, turbine Digital temperature indicator


Optional: Hot water/oil circulator, Chiller, heating /Cooling system ,Vacuum Pump, PH probe with transmitter, Pressure Gauge.


Lab Glass Reactor