Glass Reactor


In addition to range of glassware, we also supply BenchtopLab Glass Reactors. This includes small vessels (single, double or triple walled) from 500mL to 5000 mL. In addition we have all the glass components you are likely to need such as condensers, receivers, addition funnels, reflux dividers etc. We can either supply individual components or a whole reactor system such as a stirred glass vessel in a mobile frame with temperature control and overhead glass all to your exact specifications.


Glass Reactors are ideally used for wide applications in laboratories, pilot plants, and small – scale production. These reactors are available in Spherical shape & cylindrical shapes. Cap : 5Ltr to 500Ltr in spherical Shape , 5 Ltr to 800Ltr Capacity in Cylindrical Shape , Cap : 100Ltr

The triple walled Glass Reactors are suited for operations in the range of -50°C to +150°C, however, due to thermal stress, the temperature difference (Dt) should not exceed 60°C, as a preventive measure.

Our Benchtop Lab Glass Reactors include easy accessibility through an open support frame, manufactured from German-made Borosilicate glass, and minimal dead space with many other standard and optional features.

Key Specifications

  • Reactor Volume: 500 mL to 5000mL
  • Reactor Type: Single Wall, Double Walled & Triple Walled
  • Operating Pressure: Full Vacuum to 0.5 bar (g)
  • Operating Temperature: -50°C to +180°C
  • Thermal Shock Resistance: (Dt): 60°C for Triple Walled and 110°C for Double Walled Reactors.
  • Standard GL Threads for Inlet and Outlet. (Inlet and Outlet can be supplied with beaded process pipe.)


  • All Glass Reactors are designed with minimal dead space.
  • Reactors equipped with the flush bottom valve of the special type to ensure leak-free sealing over an entire temperature range.
  • All Glass reactors are designed to keep the L/ID Ratio within 1.5(max) for performance and easy scale-up. L/ID ration may be changed on request.
  • All These Reactors are designed GMP.
  • Manufactured from German Raw Materials.
  • Ideal for benchtop fume hoods.(SS/MS)
  • Stirrer with suitable seal (Mechanical, Stuffing Box, Magnetic Seal, High Vacuum Stuffing Box).
  • Skid mounted and quick-release coupling for ease of installation and dismantling.
  • Overhead stirrer motor with built-in speed controller and display.
  • Interchangeable Stirrer (Anchor/Propeller/Turbine) as per your suitability.


v  Stirrer Drive   v  Vacuum Pump
v  Digital Temp Indicator   v  PH probe with transmitter
v  Vacuum Pump   v  Pressure Gauge
v  Heating and cooling arrangement   v  Chiller
v  Digital temperature indicator   v  Heating/Cooling System
v  Hot Water/Oil circulator   v  Mobility Support


Please contact us for pricing and/or customization to your specific requirements.