Separation will be carried out normally with the help of distillation but when it is not feasible by distillation or ineffective liquid-liquid extraction is one of the process to consider. There few mixtures are having close boiling points components or heat sensitive components which can not withstand the temperature of distillation, even under vacuum may often be separated from impurities by extraction which utilize the chemical properties like specific gravity, solubility etc. instead of vapour pressure differences.

Separations by liquid-liquid extraction can be defined as the selective removal of one or more components either from a homogenous liquid mixture or from a solution, using a second liquid or solvent, which is partially or wholly immiscible with the first.

Construction :

Rotating Disc Extraction Column

The core of the unit is a rotating disc with varied no of stages between 1 m to 2 m height.

The RDC blade can be made of PTFE or SS 304 or SS 316 depending on the customer’s requirement.

The system can be supplied with or without dosing pump and two feed vessels as well as two receivers.

The drive used for the rotation of the disc is a standard geared-motor with an AC speed regulator. The agitator shaft is sealed by means of a mechanical seal.

The outer column can be constructed as a jacketed pipe or without jacket as per the customer requirement.

The unit is designated by the diameter of the extraction column and no. of stages as per the customer specification depending on the flow rates and properties of the chemical used.

ModelSizeDN (mm)Hight